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JaySnapps Booking Clause

Greetings and thank you for your interest in booking JaySnapps! There are several conditions that we would like for you to consider before you contact us.

General Morality Clause

Though our clients do not have to believe as we do, please understand that we are Christian. Thus, we do not take pictures of things that will grieve our God. Nor will we take pictures of things that would cause another brother in the faith to stumble. We will not take pictures of things that will be a stumbling block to those who do not believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And lastly we will not take pictures of things that go against our conscious.

     This includes, but is not limited to:

Pictures that exalt drunkenness, homosexuality, infidelity, adultery, lying, stealing, violence, sexual immorality, idolatry and anything of a similar nature. This also include immodesty, or the sensual dressing of a male or female. In a nutshell, we keep it holy, yes, we're Bible thumpers...

Wedding Clause 1

If you book us to do a wedding and desire pictures of the Bride and Groom between the reception and ceremony, we require "at least" 1 hours and 30 minutes of time from the end of the ceremony to the reception to take pictures.  This is very important, for pictures will be what people remember throughout the years from a wedding, thus ample time should be given to the photographers for time to setup, get the best pictures possible and break down equipment. If travel is required, 2 hours of time will be needed.

Wedding Clause 2

We know that weddings are a time of celebration and joy, however, we ask that no additional cameras be allowed during the times of staged pictures. This disrupts the flow of our photographers and often times makes the shoots longer.

Wedding Finances

We require half of the money up front . We ask that the other half be given on the day of the Wedding. If you have any questions please contact us, thank you!

Theology Clause

Though our clients do not have to have the same exact belief system as we do, we will not film material that promotes unclear and or unbiblical theology.    

This includes, but is not limited to promotion of:

New Age theology 

Humanistic (man centered), relative (no rules or anything goes, or personal truths), combined consciousness, all men are gods, all is one, everything is god world view.

Jehovah's Witness theology

Anything pertaining to or promoting the JW doctrine or material.

Mormon (Church of the Latter day Saints) Theology      

Anything pertaining to or promoting the Mormon doctrine or material.

Black Hebrew Israelite Theology     

(The Belief that only Dark skinned people are the chosen people of God (Hebrews) and they are the only ones who can enter into paradise. All others, especially whites, are evil and destined for hell.

Oneness Pentacostal Theology (AKA Modalism)        

(Believeing that The Father, Son and Holy Spirit do not all exist at one time as one Triune God, but rather God was the Father, later became the Son, and is now the Holy Spirit)

Name it and claim it theology          

Man has the ability to speak those things that are not as if they were.

Prosperity Gospel Theology          

Gods desire for all His redeemed children are riches on Earth. Those who lack are in sin. (Lack of riches = God's punishment)

Poverty Gospel Theology          

Because this Earth is passing God wants you poor. Having money or desires is evil and of the world.


The Belief that the gifts of the Spirit have left with the Acts of the Apostles)

Innacurate Seed Faith Theology          

The claim based off of scripture that if you sow money in faith you will reap great riches during this lifetime NO MATTER WHAT.

Little g's or Little gods theology      

The belief that because men are made in God the Father's image, we are little gods.

Man wrote the Bible Worldview    

The Belief that God has not preserved the accuracy of the Bible over the ages, and that the Bible is not God's inerrant and infallible Word because man was used to write it.

Differing Major Religion      

I hold the right to reject promotion of any major religion not consistent with the teaching of the Holy Bible

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